Save Money With Hi-Tech Bundled Services

Forget about the Stone Age, the Bronze Age, or
even the Computer Age; we are now living in the
Age of the Bundle!

We are entering the Age of hi-tech bundled services
that cater to all our modern communication needs. We
are gradually seeing all our services like high-speed
Internet, Phone, Fax, Gaming, Radio and TV bundled into
one package and one source. All-in-one basic rate for
all your communication services.

Your Internet or ISP service has long been bundled
or combined with your cable TV service. With the
proliferation of so many wireless devices into our
daily lives; expect much more bundling in the future
and also expect that bundling to go wireless.

Why? Because consumers want it.

According to an Ipsos Study, Americans are ready for
bundled communications services with 16% saying they
would switch to a bundle service if it included wireless
phone service. With just the combination of telephone,
television and high-speed Internet around 7% said they
would switch.

Welcome to the Battle of the Bundle.

Major Internet providers and major telecom giants are
raging a fierce head-on battle for your patronage of
their bundled services. Billions are being poured into
this battle from big players such as Verizon, Comcast Corp.,
Bell South, SBC, DirecTV and many more.

The battle is being fought by three major fractions:
Cable TV providers, ISP providers and Telephone providers.
And the battle is heating up and consumers are reaping the
benefits. For some time now, we have seen the steady increase
of Broadband or Internet Phone services, offering lower
rates and better discounts. This is a new use of Internet
technology that is increasing in popularity as more
and more customers get Broadband Internet services
in their homes.

As our world goes wireless, the use of cell phones
and notebook computers are increasing every day. So
too are hand-held devices like the Blackberry, further
fueling the demand for all forms of communication,
Phone, TV, Radio, Gaming, Fax and Internet to be
delivered to these wireless devices.

We all have a basic need to be connected at all
times with our loved ones, businesses and colleagues.
The wireless age has set the stage for an all-in-
one Communication/Internet/TV/Phone/Fax/Gaming/Radio
solution that has a definite appeal to consumers.
A bundled package which will take care of all your
communication needs in one monthly bill.

All this competition for your monthly bundled
communication services can only spell good news
for the consumer. Shop around and you will save
money on your monthly bill. Whether it’s $10, $20,
$30 or more OFF your monthly charges — this will
quickly add up over time — saving you big bucks
in the long run. It is definitely worth your while
to check out the different bundled service providers
in your area to find the best deal. You should even
check with your current Cable TV or Telecom provider
to see if they offer bundled services. You may be
pleasantly surprised at the savings each month.

It makes economic sense. It makes practical sense.
Have all your telecommunication services bundled
into one package and save money.

It also makes sense to present or offer all these
services in one small hand-held wireless device.
Whether it is a full featured cell phone that also
offers Internet/Fax/TV/Gaming/Radio or a small portable
laptop/hand-held. Expect this system to evolve into a
totally wireless satellite service, available anywhere
in the world or universe. Cables are old school.

If we have learned anything from history, we should
realize or know by now where there is a need, technology
will supply the solution. Economic forces will connect
the two. Prepare yourself for the Bundle Age. Wireless
satellite TV, Phone, Fax, Gaming and Radio at your fingertips.

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